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I'm also really excited that the movie version of Wicked looks like it's finally going into production!


IMDB entry


I just hope they get good stars for it. I know Idnina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth would be great since they originated the roles, but the problem with them is they are a bit too old at this point to play teenagers on the big screen. They can pull it off on Broadway where no one can really see them in detail, but in closeups they just wouldn't quite work at this point. I can only hope they don't cast someone like Miley Cyrus or whatever other flavor of the month from the Disney stable is available.

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Well I am a big fan of the Saw franchise so I am looking forward to #5 coming out this year :) Also looking forward to the new Harry Potter which is funny. Before last year I had not seen one, then oe day we went to see The Order of the Phoenix when we had nothing to do and were in a mall with a theatre. Others I willmost likely check out are Quantum of Solace, and Punisher: War Zone :)

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It was announced today that the new Harry Potter movie has been pushed back to July 17th, 2009 due to the writer's strike earlier this year. It was suppose to open November 21st.


Really, they already wrapped on photography for it, and the Teaser is already out. Just went on Movieweb and they said it is because the stike changed other films schedules and they have a better window next July. Quantum Of Solace will have Nov. all to itself.

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Adventureland, coming to a theater near you on March 27th, 2009:



I saw the trailer for this on TV yesterday and it said the movie starts on April 3rd. However, Yahoo Movies and imdb still show March 27th as the date.


April 3rd is Great Adventure Eve and would be a great way to kick-off the 2009 season!



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