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That’s frustrating especially since the last part of the night is probably the best time to get a lot of rides in. I was at another park where I saw the one train run empty. I want to say it was either Thunderhawk or Steel Force at Dorney but can’t remember.


I have never been a fan of Morey’s operations and policies. Besides the no single rider rules on a bunch of rides (I know the Ferris wheel is a state law), I also didn’t like that before wristbands were scanned and the daytime special expired at 6, you could get in line at 5:45 for a ride, get to the loading platform a few minutes after 6 and then be told you couldn’t ride even though you were in line well before 6. 

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That would stink to be in line and not be able to ride after a couple of minutes past the time, you would think they would have a 5 minute leeway or something. I have a SP there so I get all day bands. Funny enough in their water parks I never seen them chase or refuse rides to anyone at the end of their morning special after 12:30 which even has an announcement. Sometimes Dorney did that with Aqua Blast at closing time, telling people still in line to walk back down the stairs and they don't even have timed ride tickets. Overall I think there is going to be a lot of businesses cutting a lot more corners post COVID. 


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I've been working at Cedar Point all summer so I've been kinda sort of listening in to the going's on here. I unfortunately got to leave the limits of Sandusky and go to Kings Island, Kentucky Kingdom, or the Columbus Zoo like I had planned but I still have some content coming to my new YouTube Channel, History & Leisure (and in the highlights on the History_Leisure Instagram). I plan to head up to the park opening weekend of Fright Fest (which will be my first Halloween Event) and have become a passholder for the first time (there's a chance it might have gotten screwed up with the system updates as I can't save it to the app). I could start a new thread or you can DM if you want to hear more about this past summer as what makes it on camera is barely the tip of the iceberg.

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