Show venues and stages have often become prominent landmarks and in some cases as the centerpiece
of a park.   For two seasons, Six Flags Great Adventure took the fountain at the park's center and turned into a stage in the round.

For the 2001 and 2002 seasons Great Adventure's iconic fountain was hidden by a colorful series of stages where singers and dancers could perform on multiple levels. At the center was a giant steel exclamation point featuring six colorful flags, creating a 3D representation of the Six Flags corporate branding at the time.

The stage was used for the morning's opening ceremonies as well as shows throughout the day. The real big event that the stage was used for was a closing party each night, drawing guests to the center of the park (and towards the shops near the exit) with music and dancing.

The stage was removed after the 2002 season, but elements of the stage have been used as Fright Fest stages throughout the park for many seasons after.
Fountain Stage During Fright Fests
The Fountain Stage was incorporated into Fright Fest for the two seasons it was in place- used for a show one season and as a screen for projected old black and white horror films the second year.

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