Pretzels have been a long time favorite treat at fairs, amusement parks, and theme parks, dating back to the roots of Oktoberfest. A good, easily carried snack is always a winner in a theme park.

The early 1980's was a time of rapid growth for Six Flags Great Adventure with many exciting new attractions added including the Freefall ride which was a big advance in the thrill ride industry. With the addition of Freefall came a small snack stand adjacent to the entrance for the ride's queue. With long lines in the summer heat guests often wanted a cold drink or a snack for their wait for the ride.

Originally the stand opened in 1983 as California Natural, a name brand snack food line, and then became Freefall Snacks for the 1984 season, featuring Super Pretzels and drinks.
The area around the Freefall Snacks stand was transformed into Movie Town in 1993, and for the 1994 the stand took on a new name, becoming Movie Town Pretzel Shoppe. That name lasted until 1996 when the stand was removed and replaced with a much larger and more substantial food stand with the arrival of Batman & Robin: The Chiller for the 1997 season. With the introduction of the new coaster came the new Snowy's Snacks to fit the Chiller's theme. With the removal of the Chiller and construction of the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, it was updated to become the Metro Grill in 2017.
Original Spotlight:  August 22, 2021.  GAH Reference#:  FOOD-1983-009