The Original Fun Fair from 1975
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The Fun Fair area of the park was designed to look like a country fair setup at the park with a variety of colorful rides and structures. The new area expanded Great Adventure's lineup of rides by 50% for the second season.

Many of the rides in the section were portable rides that were leased, so over time rides came and went and were moved to new locations. Over the seasons Fun Fair lost its identity, with new rides being added haphazardly with many of the original trees being removed.   In 1992 .Fun Fair was officially renamed "Action Town" and in 1993 a complete re-theme saw it turn into "Movie Town". 
  Schwabinchen was one of the most colorful rides in Fun Fair, with its unique backdrop of Munich's Oktoberfest landmarks and scenes. The ride was originally designed to look like a Shuplatter dancer's twirling skirt.

By day the ride was brightly colored, but by night it was really spectacular with hundreds of lights on the ride and the backdrop. 
  The first Enterprise ride at Great Adventure was leased and only lasted three seasons. The ride featured a colorful space themed backdrop. This was a Huss Enterprise and a portable model.
The Rotor was a Chance ride designed for use in parks or in fairs and carnivals so it was completely portable with modular ramps and railings. The ride stood on the same spot in Fun Fair through 1982 when it was moved to another area of the park to make way for the new Freefall ride.   
  The popularity of the Giant Wheel led to Great Adventure adding a second, smaller Ferris Wheel as part of Fun Fair.  Though smaller, the wheel originally featured spinning cars that were much more open. Like the Giant Wheel, the Panorama Wheel originally was fitted with a similar floral lighting design. The ride was incorporated into Action Town and later Movie Town.  It was removed in 1996 to make way for the Batman & Robin: The Chiller roller coaster.  
  Guests were clamoring for more roller coasters at Great Adventure so for the 1975 season the Jumbo Jet was added as a part of the new Fun Fair area. The coaster appears to have been fully assembled, but by all accounts it never opened. The coaster was removed and replaced by the Super Cat ride before the end of the 1975 season.   
  The Super Cat was a last minute addition to Fun Fair in 1975, replacing the Jumbo Jet roller coaster that had never opened. The ride was a modern version of the traditional caterpillar ride, which was basically a Musik Express style ride with canopies that would raise over the cars and retract throughout the ride cycle.  Super Cat ran for four seasons in the park before it was removed.  
  Though Great Adventure introduced the "world's largest bumper car ride" in 1974, it was so popular that they added a second and even larger version of the ride originally known as the Skooter in 1975 as part of the new Fun Fair area. This new ride was hugely popular for many seasons, and was finally removed after the 1987 season as the additional capacity of a second bumper car ride was no longer needed.  
  The Swiss Bob ride opened with Great Adventure in 1974.  Originally, it was located at the foot of Dream Street near the Giant Wheel.  When Fun Fair was added for 1975, the Swiss Bob was relocated into the new section of the park.  It was updated with a newer model in 1980 and remained until it was removed to make way for the Batman Stunt Arena at the end of the 1991 season. In 1992, the ride was to have been relocated, but was never rebuilt within the park.  
  The Wild Flower was the world's first Huss Troika ride and was introduced as part of the new Fun Fair section in 1975. The colorful ride was located in the middle of the area and stayed at Great Adventure through the end of the 1977 season. 

Although the ride was removed, its queue line bars were used through 1987 when the Matterhorn was relocated to Wild Flower's vacated site.
  Along with the new rides introduced as part of Fun Fair in 1975, two new restaurants were constructed. The Pizza Filling Station and Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs! offered new dining options under the canopy of trees. The buildings and umbrellas originally featured brightly colored stripes like the smaller food stands which opened in the first season. Later these restaurants would become part of Action Town and later Movie Town where they became the HBO Backlot Commissary.  
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Fun Fair Changes Through the Years
1975 Jumbo Jet is replaced with Super Cat
1976 Fun Fair is referred to as Enchanted Forest 
1976 Enchanted Bandstand is added
1976 Shooting Gallery added
1977 Wild Flower (Troika) and Enterprise are removed
  at the end of the season 
1978   Matterhorn is moved to the Wild Flower site
1978 Americana Music Hall (Showcase Theatre) added
1978 Skeeball Barn is added on the Matterhorn site
1978 Super Cat is replaced with Tilt-a-Whirl 
1979 Scrambler is moved into the area
1980 Shooting Gallery is removed at the end of the
    Swiss Bob replaced with newer model
1983 FreeFall is added on the sites of Tilt-a-Whirl and
Rotor which are both relocated elsewhere
1987   Matterhorn is removed
1987   Schwabinchen is removed and replaced with
  the Scrambler 
1987 Splashwater Falls is built on the Scrambler site
1988 Fender Benders (Skooter) is removed
1992 Swiss Bob is replaced with the Batman Stunt Arena
1992   Fun Fair is officially renamed Action Town and
  later becomes Movie Town 
Other aspects of Fun Fair included a new restroom facilities which was located where the queue area for Batman: The Ride stands today. In 1976 a small gazebo was added which featured live music and other entertainment throughout the day.

The popularity of Great Adventure's original shooting gallery led to the addition of others in the park, including the Safari Shooting gallery which was located in Fun Fair on the site that would later become Freefall's queue. The Safari Shooting Gallery featured a comical adventurer theme complete with explorers and cannibals.

One of the park's biggest structures was the Skeeball Barn which was added in 1978, and was designed to be a pathway into and out of Fun Fair through the giant building full of Skeeball games and tempting prizes.

As some of the rides were removed from Fun Fair for one reason or another, others took their place. The Wild Flower (Troika) was replaced by the Matterhorn ride which had originally been located just off Dream Street. The Super Cat ride was replaced with a Tilt-A-Whirl ride in 1978.

Also for the 1978 season, the new Americana Music Hall was added to the back edge of the area where a pathway connecting Fun Fair to the Fountain area had been added in 1976. This new show venue offered an indoor, air conditioned facility that the park had been lacking.

Over the seasons, major new rides were added to the Fun Fair area, replacing some of the original smaller attractions which were relocated or removed. In 1983, the addition of Freefall required the removal of the Tilt-A-Whirl and the Rotor. The new state of the art thrill ride was a huge draw for the park and a real marquis attraction.

In 1987, Splashwater Falls was added, requiring the removal of the Matterhorn ride which was relocated to Six Flags Atlantis waterpark in Hollywood, FL. The new water ride was a huge hit with guests.

Additional major changes came in 1992 with the Batman Stunt Arena constructed as part of the new Action Town, all leading to the complete retheme of the area as Movie Town in 1993 when Batman: The Ride was added to the park.