Everyone wants to bring home a souvenir of their visit to a park, and Great Adventure has offered a plethora of merchandise locations over the years featuring a wide variety of gifts and trinkets.

Most new marquis theme park attractions get a gift shop of some kind at the time they open, selling merchandise themed to or featuring that new attraction. The Joker was no exception with a small gift shop added with the introduction of the ride in 2016. Funhouse Gifts featured Joker and other merchandise with Batman's villain foes. The Funhouse Gifts building was a small, portable structure, designed to be moved as needed.

The shop was positioned along the exit path of the coaster, yet close enough to the main walkway which paralleled the park's lake taking advantage of foot traffic from both passages.  The roof of the small shop featured alternating red and white roofing which matched the covering of the Joker's main queue house.
The roll down doors on the front of the stand allowed it to securely close up when not in use, and an array of fixtures were placed outside of the actual shop, allowing for a wider array of merchandise than the tiny shop could hold.

After three seasons the shop was removed from the theme park and was redecorated and repurposed as a new shop for Hurricane Harbor.  The once bright red and yellow shop was repainted more subtle hues of blue and yellow and renamed Hot Tropics.  The new Hurricane Harbor stand was placed on the shores of the water park's newest attraction for 2019, Calypso Springs activity pool.  Instead of super hero themed merchandise, the stand now sold refreshments and all the necessary essentials for a day at the beach.
Original Spotlight:  February 17, 2020.  GAH Reference#:  SHOP-2016-001