Theme parks often offer their staff a place to buy some of the things they might need for work (socks, shoes, deodorant, razors, etc.) as well as snacks and other sundries, generally at or near cost.

For the 1977 season Great Adventure opened their first employee store. Located close to the park's original administrative offices, the Great Adventure General Store (or GAGS as it was also known) was run by the Wardrobe Department and catered to the needs of the park's staff.
With the requirements for Great Adventure's staff to be well groomed, clean shaven, and wearing proper footwear and no stores within miles of the park at the time, there was a need for a place where employees could buy things they forgot or were told they needed in order to work.

All of the products that GAGS offered were sold at or near cost knowing that most of the park's workforce were young people working their first job and had little money. Rather than having to send an employee home for not being properly groomed or in proper uniform, they could go to GAGS and remedy the situation. Whether it was an employee who hadn't shaved, forgot their socks, or someone who maybe didn't make it home after a late night party (which happened quite frequently) who wanted to freshen up with some deodorant and toothpaste, GAGS had the remedy.

GAGS operated at this location from 1977 through 1983 when Wardrobe was relocated to the far end of the park near the maintenance facilities along with Cash Control and the Administration Building. With the new Wardrobe facility, a new GAGS was opened which continued to offer an in-house convenience store for the park's staff.

The footwear policy at Great Adventure has changes as of June 1 (1977).  Now your feet have a choice.

The new General Store, located at the north end of the Red School House, offers to hosts and hostesses a selection of at least ten approved styles of footwear at low prices.

"By the way, you are not required to buy the footwear from our new selections, but you should be aware of approved styles for dress code," commented Arlyne Rehak, Wardrobe Manager. 

Brand-name sneakers, including Converse and Adidas, are available from $4.50 to $15.90, savings at 40% below the retail price. 

The store also sells white socks, stockings, deodorant, soap, combs, shoestrings, snacks, and more, "Everything you need to be a clean and well-groomed host or hostess," according to Robin Baum, store Supervisor.

The store is a non-profit venture, a sub-department of Wardrobe.  Everything is sold at a little more than cost.  The small profit is used to pay the salaries of the three persons who work there and to cover shipping charges. 

The three persons who work in the store are transfers from other areas of the park.  Robin is from Merchandise, Laurie Posen from Food Service, and Scott Kennedy from Grounds.

Until June 15, the store will be open every day from 9:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m.  Then, new store hours will be chosen depending on the needs of Hosts and Hostesses and the response to the store.

To find a name for the new store, a "Name Your Store" contest will run until June 15.  The winner will receive $50 worth or merchandise.  Entry blanks are available in the store, and suggestions should be deposited in the box specified.

Also on the entry blank, Hosts and Hostesses are requested to fill out what they would like the store to sell.  This information will help the store in future stocking and special ordering.

- Great Adventure's Newsletter THE BABOON
June 3, 1977 - Vol.2 No,1
The interior of GAGS was decorated with retired signs and artwork which was once found throughout the park.

Perhaps the most popular item sold at GAGS was sneakers. The General Store offered a variety of styles of sneakers which were chosen by the Wardrobe department to go with the uniforms. The shoes were name brand and often sold at much lower prices than regular shoe stores.

The building which housed the original GAGS store was leveled sometime in the late '80s.  It was later replaced by a new support facility which still stands today.