Saturday May 7th, 2011

After being away for the last week, I had a chance to visit Great Adventure late Saturday afternoon.  Below are some photos which highlight several of the changes throughout the park.

Work on the Green Lantern coaster continues and with the track fully assembled and painted (and repainted in parts), test runs have begun.  Lighting has been installed and the yellow and green of the Green Lantern along with the red and blue of Superman makes for a colorful scene from the parking lot.
The Sea Lions now have their own show in the former Temple of the Tiger, now renamed the "Sea-fari Stadium". 

Numerous new signs now share interesting facts and trivia with visitors to the Safari Discoveries area.
"Under Funstruction" signs hang from the wall which blocks the path allowing guests to cut through from Kingda Ka to El Toro.

Soon the area will be home to an exciting expansion of Safari Discoveries.
M&M decals started to appear on the Skyride cars and look bright and fun.

In contrast, Polly-o ads have been plastered onto the Fort and the Runaway Train cars which, in my opinion,  mar the look and feel of Frontier Adventures.
As I reported a couple of weeks ago, the Foghorn Leghorn Stage Coach Express is set to roll into town once again.  Signs have been reinstalled... watch for it soon!

Nearby, beautiful flowers and topiaries dot the landscape.
The old Best of the West BBQ benches have been removed from around the Rolling Thunder entrance.

Elsewhere, one of the oldtime sipper carts stands near the front entrance gates
The Stunt Arena was open for a cheerleading event on Saturday and I used the opportunity to take some photos of the current state of the old Batman Stunt Show scenery. 
Check-out the railcar from one of the last stunt shows offered at the arena.
Below:  Is it just me or does this rock grouping on Fort Independence look like a turkey? Above:  The Great Lake Grandstand was also home to a competition. Above:  The entrance to the Old Country catering area has been repainted and the arch sign has been removed.
Finally, a few random shots from around the park including the repainted Wiggles stage, a huge lollipop, a new Road Runner Railway sign, the new lights on the Carousel, new light fixtures in the trees near Tornado, and El Toro looking almost as if it were white.

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