Thursday May 19th, 2011

There is nothing like the grand opening of a new coaster in the morning, a theme park walk-thru in the afternoon, followed by a leisurely tour of the Safari Park before heading home.  Here are some observations from the parks from today.

A new pool and spa promotional tent sponsored by Seasonal World has been set up outside of Fort Independence. (left & right)

The stage over at Safari Kids is getting ready for the Memorial Day debut of the new "Birds of Prey" show. (below)
Work is being done to the facade of the now closed Jersey Shore Candies. (above)
New plants give a cleaner look to the walkway just outside of Bugs Bunny National Park.  (left)
A new souvenir stand has replaced the former Bizarro gifts which has been rethemed and relocated to the Green Lantern.  (below)
A snake navigates the waters near the Western Bridge.  (right)

A new sidewalk is being added that leads to the right side of Rolling Thunder's queue.  (below)
The Stage Coach Express still hasn't rolled into town!  (left)

A rusty lamp post is just about all that remains from the old Viper coaster.  (right)
A new entrance and exit has now been added to the Safari Discoveries animal area.  Now quests are able to see all the exhibits without having to double back. (above)

Fred and Wilma are back!
(below left)
In a surprising discovery, the wooden elephant in the former Safari Exploration Station has lost its trunk.  It looks like rot has taken its toll. 
There is nothing more pleasant than a ride through the Wild Safari!

It was nice to see some of the infrastructure getting some TLC.  (left)

Great Adventure's largest elephant, Rip, enjoys the springtime sun.  (below)
Baby zebras and the new lion cubs were also soaking up the sunshine, while the black bears roamed and the brown bears snoozed.

Over in the bird sanctuary an ambitious little turtle was on a road trip while elsewhere there was a tree to be moved!  The guys in the lower right actually used teamwork to drag it!
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