Sunday May 29th, 2011

An amusement park could not have asked for better weather throughout the entire Memorial Day Weekend.  The sun was shining and the temperatures were soaring as the unofficial kick-off of summer got underway.

Hurricane Harbor opened for its 12th season and the park has received several upgrades including new roofs, new and repainted signs, and some new landscaping.

Missing from the line-up was Papa Johns which was simply replaced with a pizza stand.
The Harbor has a boneyard too!  (left)

New merchandise and some old Wiggles stuff fills the shelves at the main shop.  (below)

Even though the park is promoting renting tubes (top), the lazy river still offers some free ones. (right)  Let's hope there are an adequate number available when the crowds get larger.
Ted's Cheese Steaks was a popular spot for hungry swimmers.

The Safari animals were also taking swims to catch a break from the extreme heat (below) while the bison used a cool hill to sit stadium-style (below right).
The African Plains always offers impressive vistas.  (left)

The African Lion sign is one of the few dating back to the 1980s.  (right)

Grass starts to take over the former site of the Pony Rides in the Safari Exploration Station.  (below)
SFGA Green Lantern shirts are now available.  (above left)

Exterior work continues on the Jersey Shore Candies shop - the sign has now been removed.  (above)

The Extreme Raptors show premiered this weekend.  (left, below, right)
The Great Comic Book Adventure show was held in the former queue and post-show areas of the simulator theater.

There seemed to be plenty of exhibitors but the heat inside that un-airconditioned metal building was unbearable.
The Green Lantern was hugely popular with patrons extending out past the queue house and down to the parachutes. 

Lockers and Six Flags TV have been installed since the ride opened.

Over at the Great American Road Race guests can now purchase a season pass for the ride.  (right)
The Parachute's anemometers (wind meter) has been moved to the outside of the ride's control room.  (left)
The Stage Coach Express still hasn't reached town.  (above)
A new Flash Pass entrance to Rolling Thunder has been added.  What will happen if only the left side is open?  (right)
The sea lion show played to a nice size audience (left), while the Splash Water Oasis was enjoyed by the littlest visitors (below left).

Seasonal World has a sizeable display outside of Fort Independence.  (right)

And finally just FYI, it was a photo finish- number 12 won below!

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