Saturday June 11th, 2011

After several days of record heat this past week today's cool and damp temperature seemed almost autumn-like.  Here are some random photos taken around the theme park.

Today was Great Adventure's B&M Blast Coaster Celebration.  A park can have one of those when they are the only one on the planet which is home to five B&M machines!  (left)
Six of the eight parachutes were open.  The other two are MIA.  (above)
Ka is one of the few coasters that makes you feel like you are being launched into the clouds.  (right)
Two of the large birdcages from the Safari Exploration Station have been moved to the Safari Discoveries area.  (left & right)
Check out the line for the ladies room!  It needs Flashpass!  (above)
The newly painted Sky Ride cars look great, especially when both sides are open.  (above left)
Work progresses on the soon to be site of the new Sling Shot ride.  (above right & right)
The old Jersey Shore Candies is receiving a make-over.  (left & below left)
The horses and coaches have arrived for installation at Foghorn Leghorn's Stage Coach Express!

It is great to see this ride being put back into service!
The Birds of Prey show was entertaining and reminded me of the Flights of Wonder Show at Disney's Animal Kingdom. 

I just wish they would add all the cool graphics and signs that were originally planned for Safari Kids' area.  As it stands now, it looks like a stripped down Wiggles World.  It has great potential.

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