Monday June 20th, 2011

Various and sundries from around the Theme Park.....

First the bad news... parking is now $20.  OUCH!  (above left)
A new SFGA sponsored contest is promoted just outside the gates.  (above center & right)
The new fly-thru on the Green Lantern looks incredible!  I haven't been at the park at night to see it yet, but a little fog and some cool lighting and strobe effects would make for a great piece of theming! (above)  As it is now, look how fierce it looks compared to the cute little skull on Skull Mountain!  (below right)
Granny's is sporting some new advertising just off its patio's edge.  (left) 
New games have been added to the old Chicago Shoot Out arcade.  (above)
Skull Mountain looks so much better when the waterfall is running.  (right)
Due to the unfortunate accident at Morey's earlier this season, NJ state law now requires that there be more than one rider in a car on Ferris Wheels.  (above left & center)
As we were first to break the news back in April, the Foghorn Leghorn Stage Coach Express has reopened!  (below)
Zookeeper ads abound in the Golden Kingdom.  (above center & right)

New red ride parts have started appearing behind the Sling Shot construction wall and it does appear that the new ride will NOT be a trailer-mounted version!  (left)

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