Monday July 4th, 2011

Celebrating Independence Day at a theme park!   God Bless America!

Hurricane Harbor was extremely crowded on July 4th.  It was the first and only time since the park opened that I saw staff directing cars to parking spots, which happened to be filled all the way to the last row.

In the park, advertising fever seems to have hit with ads for both Poly-O and AAA.

The photo below shows what happens when you only have enough money to either rent a tube or rent a locker!
Throughout the park all the animals seemed to be trying to find a shady spot or some water or mud to take a rest in during the heat of the summer.

While admiring the bears near the Safari truck (left), I realized that this area is most likely the highest elevation in all of the Great Adventure property.

Over in the Monkey Jungle section, the baboons are all abuzz about their new urban legend - "The One That Got Away!".
The Safari Exploration Station has been transformed into the Six Flags Animal Adventure Base Camp - a summer camp program for kids.

Note their handy-work on the doors.  (right)
Each and every ride and attraction was open on the 4th!  (above left)

As we approach the peak summer season, numerous admission offers abound.

The Old Country Catering Area is home to an unusual item... a door from the Alcatraz The Ride's Retail Shop!  (left & right).
The Coca-Cola freestyle stand is a nice addition to the park.  Individual sodas (paper cups) aren't for sale, but a souvenir cup or souvenir cup refill is required.  Stay away from Diet Coke Orange... NASTY!
AAA advertising is plentiful in the theme park too.

Over in the Attitudes Dream Street Tent, an ajar ceiling tile reveals some ancient mylar balloons still wrapped up in the uppermost quarters of the tent-like roof. (below)
The Sling Shot is being assembled, albeit slowly.

The base portions of the support towers are in place as well as the spring compression tower.

The ride vehicle is also now on site.  (left)
got2b ads are plastered all over Kingda Ka, including the station, trains, and photo booth area.

The theming of this back stretch of the Golden Kingdom is also defaced with many many Zoo Keeper advertisements.

Sometimes simplicity is more effective than overkill.  One ad might make guests inquire about a product.  Twenty ads in the same space makes one resent it.

Let's keep the park attractive!
This lonely upright fry cup which was standing outside the Character Cafe made me think of one thing-  "If you see something, say something"! (right)

Check out the Stage Coach Express line!  (left)  Just goes to prove that if you open it they will come!
As dusk fell on the park it was soon time for the "4th of July Fireworks Spectacular"!

Thanks Great Adventure for a fantastic show and a wonderful
Independence Day!

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