Monday July 25th, 2011

Here are a few photos of some of the latest changes at the parks.

TOP:  The annual sand castle was built on the volleyball court  at Hurricane Harbor and two new huge umbrellas were added to the Aquatopia dining area.  Elsewhere, a new M&M ad was added to one of the lazy river bridges.  Check out the wacky handrail on that bridge!

ABOVE, LEFT, RIGHT, and BELOW:  These images illustrate what makes the Wild Safari such an asset to Great Adventure.  It was exciting to watch the ostrich inspecting her soon to hatch eggs while several of her newborns wait by her side!
The Sling Shot has finally opened to the public.

The cost is still a little pricey at $25 but this is sure to be reduced during the upcoming months and years.

The new ride is massive compared to the temporary model that was installed a decade or so ago.

The ride's towers do not feature any miniature lights however the ride vehicle has numerous flashing bulbs.

Unlike Eruption, the Sling Shot's towers seem much more rigid and do not flex during operation.

The ride is an eye-catcher with onlookers standing around awaiting the next launch.
LEFT and RIGHT:  Two new additions to the Safari Discoveries area include an elephant skull and a rather odd looking bird.

.BELOW LEFT: The last set of horses has been added to the Stage Coach Express ride.

BELOW:  Fireworks return to the park and Guest Relations gets a new sign on its queue bars.

RIGHT:  One of the largest trees in the park has a huge trunk.  It can be found near the main entrance restrooms.

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