Friday August 5th, 2011

Here are a few photos of some of the latest changes at the parks.

It was a beautiful sunny summer day for Hurricane Harbor.  The park has made available some new locker mock-ups to illustrate the various sizes.
Above left:  That looks so painful!

Above:  No wonder the audio track on AM radio is scratchy!

Above right:  Golden Kingdom tigers in the Safari

Left:  Fireworks Friday

Right:  The top of the Super Teepee is now in the Safari's Monkey Jungle.
Above left:  A Dream Street lantern seems out of place amongst the simpler white glass domes outside of Skull Mountain.

Above:  Roger the Security Guard and Magician entertains.

Left:  Air Safari finally gets some new decals to theme the old Wiggles ride.

Right:  Main Street Deli has a new sign.
The Toyota Scions have started to invade the park for this weekend's test drives.
Above:  Safari Discoveries continues to add new exhibits.

Left:  Prep work for the fireworks show

Right:  Stage Coach Express needs FlashPass!
Cartoon Network's Move It Movement offered many activities that the kids really enjoyed.

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