Tuesday August 30th, 2011

Here are some photos of the three Great Adventure Parks after Hurricane Irene made its way through the area over the weekend.  Luckily, the parks mostly escaped major damage and destruction.

The biggest issue faced by the theme park was the washed out entrance portal to the Frontier Adventures section.  Workers have already started to repair this hardest hit area.
As can be seen in several of the photos above, the water level of Lahaway Creek in front of the Fort has been lowered so that construction work can be performed on the damaged path.
The two new lion cubs are extremely cute as well as entertaining!
The hangar has been emptied and black curtains now block the windows.  Could this be the home of the new Fright Fest walk thru? The Musik Express is still standing even though the canvas roof has been shredded.
Some of the animals as well as the top of the Safari Kids sign were blown off.  
  There is only one American flag left on the Grandstands.  The rest were either removed or blew away.  
Additional advertisements for Fright Fest are appearing in the park as well as fencing for the trails. Watch out for this thing!  Buzzzzz!
JCP&L has a staging area in the satellite parking lot for equipment and workers while power is restored around the area.
The Safari and Hurricane Harbor suffered minimal damage thanks to the park's preparedness.

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