Friday  - September 21st, 2012

It's that Fright Fest time of year again and the park offered its season pass holders a preview of some of the 2012 festivities.  Here are some quick pictures of tonight's event.  Watch for a full Fright Fest report tomorrow!

  Floats dot the Great Lake for Saturday's triathlon event.
The Lakefront is home to a new pirate themed trail.
  The Season Pass Combo is a pretty good deal.  
New fencing has gone up next to the Stagecoach ride and Voodoo Island.  
Insanity was much better than the Asylum.
  ^ This was a surprising area of the maze!  
  Riding the Big Wheel during Fright Fest!  
Insanity from the Big Wheel.
  Some of the Manor's cast of characters  
    The right-side exit was open... that is rare!