Saturday  - October 6th, 2012

This was probably the first Saturday in Great Adventure's history when the theme park was the only park that was open at Great Adventure.  Even so, the Safari animals still seemed to be roaming their homes grazing as usual.

Check out all the photos below for some preliminary work in Frontier Adventures and the large crowds that turned out for the Electronic Adventure concert series and Fright Fest.

Looking in from Reed Road, nothing new in the Safari.
  The Safari has been removed from all the entrance roadway signs.
  The Safari entrance looked lonely Saturday.
  Electric Adventure packed in the crowds.  
  Alternate directions were posted in the ticket windows to reroute traffic slowed by this week's Turnpike fire. Both the Safari and Hurricane Harbor were removed from the Park Hours boards.
  Kids love their candy!
    The Safari Tours booth is now closed.
The first signs of work inside the park for the Safari Off Road Adventure have started.  A portion of the Log Flume has been removed to bring in equipment to prepare the site.   Frontier Adventures will look very different next season.  While the Log Flume is safe, some of the buildings won't be as lucky.
  These new ads for Fox TV are a little odd.
The Safari Tours sign has been replaced with a Season Pass ad.  
  SkyScreamer was misbehaving a little today.  
I never realized the Liberty Pub had a bar    
Scary kids abound!    
The Musik Express - R.I.P.
Voodoo Island in now $8 (down from $10).    
The ghouls look really good this year, especially the makeup.  From the western ghouls in the Bone Butcher Terror-tory, to the pirates and  clowns, and all the other monsters - scary looking stuff!
Sway poles are back at Great Adventure ala 1974!
  Safari info has also been deleted from the maps.