Saturday  - October 20th, 2012

It was easy to see from the start of the day that park was planning for a very large crowd.  They actually had workers in the parking lot directing traffic to parking spaces.  As the day went on the crowds grew and grew, and while there were tons of people, the park seemed to handle the overflow fine and provided an exciting Fright Fest night.

In the Frontier Adventures section of the park, prep work seems to be taking place in the woods around the Northern Star Arena.  While nothing significant probably will happen until after the park closes for the season, the photos below may be able to provide some hints as to what is coming in 2013.

The Safari and Mr. Six signs have been removed.
The canvas canopies at Nitro and the Camp Kitchen in Bugs Bunny National Park have already been packed away for the year.
Congo Rapids is closed for the season. "Skull Fountain" was also turned off.
The park planned ahead and installed additional queue ropes on many rides. In just over a year thick vegetation has grown in on what was once the bottom of Prospertown Lake.
The conveyor belts and rollers have been removed from both lifts on the Log Flume.
Surveying tape outlines two paths in the woods just behind the Northern Star Arena.  The first one looks to cut through from the arena walkway back through the woods to near the tiger area of the Safari.
The other path seems to follow the clearing through the woods which parallels the lake and runs from the area near the Western Shootout building back to the area on the edge of the tiger section. 
  Ground zero for changes next season.  
  The Right Stuff lives on in this 2009 permit card!
The Halloween themed sea lion show was a big hit bringing laughs from kids and families alike.  Check out the Fairy Godfather's "holey mackerel"!   Holey mackerel, get it?  Holy?  Mackerel?  C'mon, you know your laughing!
    Here's some old fencing from the Carousel.
    DejaVu's soundtrack now features Halloween themed music. 
The changing lighting pattern was working on the Big Wheel tonight!
Fright Fest is REALLY popular... check out the lines for Insanity, the Wasteland, and to get through the metal detectors at 9:00pm!