Saturday - September 14th, 2013

Having been away from the park for the past three weeks traveling overseas, it was nice to return to the park especially on opening weekend of Fright Fest 2013.  A lot changed since my last visit in August including the announcement of Zumanjaro, the closure of Rolling Thunder, and the installation of all the Fright Fest props. 

It was a little strange celebrating Halloween in mid September, but I am all for it!  I would celebrate Christmas 24/7 if it was socially correct!  The only thing that seemed a little off was the absence of mums and pumpkins, but I am sure those will be added once the beautiful floral landscaping starts to go past its prime and blooming mums and orange pumpkins become available.  Nature sticks to its own schedule!

Lastly, hats off to the park and its cast of ghosts and ghouls for a great show!  The number of zombie actors both in the scare zones and terror trails seems much greater than seasons past and all of them were giving 100+% in entertaining and scaring up a great time.  Great Adventure decided to start Fright Fest extra early this season, and if Saturday's crowds were any indication of the success of that decision, it was one smart move.

Zumanjaro - New for 2014!   The Wild Safari sign has been removed from the safari ticket plaza.
Ka will look very different next season.    
Pricing for 2014 passes and meal plans have been posted in the ticket booths.    
I held out hope all season but sadly I don't think the train will make it into the park this year, even though it is on the Fright Fest pamphlet. The Wasteland terror trail once again occupies the area just behind Looney Tunes Seaport.
Congo Rapids was open today! Dead Man's Party fans staked their claim on upfront views hours before showtime.
    Make no mistake, flat rides are loved by guests.
Huge crowds filled the Lakefront area.  
The kid friendly Monster Maze is new for 2013, offering a no-charge substitute for last year's hayride. 
At night the area become Straw Man Stalkers scare zone.
The kiddie rides in Bugs Bunny National Park never looked more popular!  
Voo Doo Island is back.   The Log Flume was closed, probably to prevent the area under the ride being used for Voo Doo Island from becoming muddy.
  One of the Runaway Train's trains has been wrapped with ads- a scary and ugly site.
Rolling Thunder has closed after 35 years of loyal service to  Great Adventure.  So far the only change seems to be that the trains have all been moved to the train storage and maintenance area.
The Right Stuff building is now home to a relocated Manor terror trail and a new Total Darkness maze.  The Manor occupies the portion of the building which was once the interior queue for the simulator ride, and Total Darkness uses both the post show and preshow areas of the former ride. 

The Total Darkness maze is quite unique.  Small groups of about ten guests enter at a time clasping a short knotted segment of rope.  The lead guest is given a small flash light to help guide the group through the blackened labyrinth.  Along the way, ghouls provide unexpected surprises, jumping out and scaring visitors.  Most of them can only be heard and not seen.  It is that dark!
Extra troops are brought in to help serve the high number of guests. The Zombie Run took place earlier in the day, starting and finishing in Movie Town.  
  Granny's was all lit up tonight! Ah, the Musik Express.