Saturday - September 28th, 2013

Fall at Great Adventure is a lot like the days leading up to Christmas and New Years.  The end of the season can be compared to the end of the calendar year and the arrival of new ride parts is as exciting as seeing your presents for the holidays first time.

Here are some shots taken around the theme park as well as some areas which are typically off limits, but today access was available because of the annual Wild Safari race.  Enjoy!

More and more pieces for Zumanjaro have arrived and are being stored in the Safari Exploration Station parking lots. 
It should be interesting to see how the loading platforms for the drop towers are positioned.   
  The pullies for the lift cables are on site. Interesting markings on this box - SFMM? 
The Six Flags Wild Safari Inv. race was today and this time participants were able to run on the old traffic lanes being the American Plains area is not currently being used. 
An artist's tiger sketch still hands inside one of the old plaza booths.    A scenic area with a babbling brook is located between the old Safari entrance and exit.  The buildings and signage still are all located in the Safari Exploration Station.  The restrooms were open today for the race. 
A Safari Off Road Adventure status board is located next to the lot used for storage of the trucks.    The old Wild Safari sign support still stands. 
This little guy is a G.A. antique!  It was first used on the Miniature Marvels Golf Course.    Ah, the good old days! 
The mums and the pumpkins have arrived!  DMP VIP area.  A Fright Fest tradition! 
It was beautiful weather to take in Fish Factor Halloween Edition. 
The creepy clown has taken up residence near the Carousel again!    Some new equipment and a protective covering has been added near El Toro's lift. 
Nothing new over by Rolling Thunder. 
This area looks ripe for future development!   
Never noticed these birds before on the Blue Parrot restroom roof tiles.  HOORAY!!!  Train track has arrived in Looney Tunes Seaport!  Good things come to those who wait!  Maybe these guys can fix our old girl in the Old Country!