Saturday - October 26th, 2013

For some reason a Great Adventure season seems to go by so fast.  It is hard to believe that it has been seven months since the park opened for the 2013 season back in March as we anxiously awaited the construction of the new Safari Off Road Adventure (or at least what we could see being built given its remote location).  Before we knew it Memorial Day weekend was here, the new SORA ride opened, then Hurricane Harbor with its new Big Wave Racer water slide.  Blink, and the Hurricane Harbor season was over, Labor Day was here, and maybe because of an earlier than usual start of Fright Fest this year, we were in Halloween-mode bringing with it closing weekend.

Until next spring when we get to do it all again, thanks Great Adventure for an entertaining 2013 season!

  Not many people... not yet!
Zumanjaro has already made it onto the ride status board in the main entrance area! First SORA truck load early in the morning.
  The trucks await their turn into the station. It was too cold to go through the water.
  The Wild's house - a secret hay den.  
  Nitro's lift as seen from Camp Aventura.  
  It was nice to see three Runaway Trains available once again.
  Sadly, some final images of Rolling Thunder.  
  Rolling Thunder's control panels have been removed.  
  Door #1 or Door #2?  Which will be the entrance to Zumanjaro?
    This logo makes me think of Burger King!
  Not only are Granny's lights on, but during the day too. Some early winterization has started on Nitro's queue and the test seat.
Safari Kids has also started to pack up early for the winter months.
So, no train in 2013.  Fingers crossed for 2014.    
  Sky Ride photo time!  
We will miss you Rolling Thunder. A line forms for one of two season pass processing centers open today.
    The SORA is up to 20 trucks now!
  One last trip through the Safari for 2013.  
Flash Pass was really popular today.
  By 2pm long lines already started to form for most attractions.
    The season pass processing lines became extra long as the day went on.
An overflow queue was set up for Lantern. DejaVu was playing Halloween music tracks. The line for Batman The Ride was into the "park".
When remote cars has a crowd, the park is packed!
  Trail prices increased and the jump to the head of the line option was no longer available. The Log Flume gets ready for winter.
Lights on the Parachutes lit up the park. El Toro's line was growing by the minute.  
Quite a line in there!