Sunday - November 3rd, 2013

For the fourth year in a row Great Adventure has hosted a post season festival which celebrates the fine wines that the state of New Jersey has become more and more well known for over the years.  The 2013 event featured a Safari tour utilizing the Safari Off Road Adventure vehicles and offered specialty wine tasting in the park's new Camp Aventura area.  The cool autumn weather and the beautiful peak colors of the woods surrounding the Safari provided an excellent bonus to Six Flags Grape Adventure.

Before we check out Grape Adventure, here are some photos of the partially demolished Rolling Thunder.
The lift hill remains and it was hard to see any rubble left from the leveled portions.
The trains are in the parking lot.  The face board of the lead car was removed from the blue train.
An SORA truck was parked outside the Grape Adventure entrance.  Shuttle buses were used to take visitors to the SORA station where they boarded SORA trucks which ventured out into the Safari.
Here are some shots taken from inside the shuttle bus while on our way to the SORA station.
  On Safari!  
Our Safari guide demonstrated the ostrich mating dance!  She was by far the best tour guide of the season!
Wine tasting and giraffe feeding at Camp Aventura was next.
  Even though they are huge, the giraffes are so gentle.
  Incredible fall foliage!
The second half of the Safari was a bit abbreviated, bypassing Serengeti Grasslands, Kingsland, and Black Bear Ridge.
    Back inside the theme park.
The tents covering the queue are gone.  Maybe permanent ones will be installed next year.  
The main Six Flags Grape Adventure event was held in the park's Old Country catering area.
  Wine, wine, and more wine!