Saturday - September 20th, 2014

The weather forecast for Saturday predicted a beautiful day and they were right, and likewise, the warning sign outside Great Adventure's entrance stated "Park is Busy Today!" and they were right too.  Here are some photos of the theme park as we experienced Thrills by Day and Chills by Night.

Parallax has been missing from the Green Lantern ride for several weeks.
The warning sign was up before the park even opened on Saturday. The installation of new queue guides are now up in the outer mall.
All the themed elements have been removed from atop the Safari trucks.    
Safari Discovery props have been relocated to Camp Aventura.    
    You filthy pig!
Doc Snooker was a funny (mostly corny) show.  The audience loved it!
The Zombie Run brought a lot of people into the park.  
The sign is gone.    
It looks like all that digging was for lamp posts.