Saturday - September 27th, 2014

Autumn and Halloween... a time for pumpkins, ghouls and goblins, changing foliage, and crisp temperatures.  Except for the cooler temps, we had all of those this weekend.  Mid-80s temps aside, fall was all around us and Fright Fest was in full swing with the cast and crew firing on all cylinders.  Even the glitches of last week, which were minimal, seem to have been resolved and provided for a great Fright Fest visit.  Check out the photos below to see some of the scary excitement around the park.

Batman's wheels are back in town with what looks like a new paint job!   
    Rapids was open given the warm weather. 
The Taz swings were fully loaded.  Something is up with the Skyride, but only half of it.  New TVs broadcast football games at the Liberty Pub. 
Oh, poor Twister.  Doc Snooker packed them in and the audience loved the show. 
    A new wall near the Old Country further limits access to the area. 
People were actually using the remote 4x4s by the Big Wheel.  No Dead or Local this year.  A half hour before the show, the aqua stadium had a huge line. 
The Log Flume has been drained for the season. 
  It must be 6PM!   
Dead Man's Party
  The Manor   
  The Asylum   
  Voo Doo Island   
  Crop Circles