Saturday - October 11th, 2014

It wasn't a pretty weather day today but for once it felt like Fright Fest.  Overcast skies and light rain kept guests away for the first part of the day but with the rain clouds moving out of the area the crowds slowly started to grow.  Enjoy these photos from around the theme park and safari.

It appears that they are enclosing Cleo and Kumai's Theater at the old Safari Exploration Station.  We were surprised to see the parking lot so empty when we arrived at 1:30pm. 
Our tour guide was terrific! 
  Plymouth Assurance now sponsors the Arena and Runaway Train. 
The new LED lamp posts are up.   
  The walk to and from Zumanjaro is so long they decided to add soda and water machines! 
    Would you like wasps with those fries? 
SFGA - where you can take home memories and Pepto samples! 
Granny is getting her chimney fixed!     
Special effects have been added to Fender Benders.  Who else can see The Backlot being changed into a sports bar?