Friday - October 24th, 2014

Surprisingly, Great Adventure was not that crowded tonight.  It did pick up some by the time we left around 9pm but seemed to be only a fraction of what I was expecting.  Here are some quick photos taken while stuck in traffic on Route 537 around the Jackson Outlets (not caused by park traffic) and  from inside the park.

It seems this project is running a little behind schedule. The old fieldstone cottage near I-195 has been leveled. They are advertising holiday events and the Great Escape Lodge.  I wish we had both of these.
Never noticed this before. Baboonless! These skeletons are motorzied.
The Saw Mill Log Flume sign has been removed from the water wheel. The Plymouth Assurance wrapped train has been wrapped for winter.
  The Season Pass Scare Pass is sold out while the other ticket prices have changed.  
  The space capsule from the Right Stuff has resurfaced in the Crop Circles maze.  
I think these signs at the Buccaneer are new.