Sunday - November 2nd, 2014

Today officially wrapped up the regular operating calendar for the 2014 season.  Temps only got into the mid 40's and the "feels like" temperatures were in the high 30's, however that did not keep people from visiting the park to get their last rides in before the winter weather really gets here.  It took some time for the coasters to get "up to speed" but with few exceptions it was business as usual.  Here are some photos from closing day.

Thanks Great Adventure for another fun season!

As the day went on more and more rides came online.
  It was too cold for the elephants to be out.  
The logs have been removed from the flume. Splash Water Oasis' canvas tarps have been removed.
It's the Zumanjaro entrance within the
Kingda Ka entrance!
  Given the high winds today it was surprising to see SkyScreamer running.
  Wasteland props include Bugs Bunny's house.  
  Get your sport scores at Safari Tours!  
An anxious audience staked their spots 3+ hours before the show.  
    Bargain hunters lines Main Street!
I was glad I finally had an opportunity to catch Sea Lion Scary Tales.  The show was funny, entertaining, and an excellent Halloween-themed version of the always enjoyable shows at Fort Independence. 
    The 75% off clearance merchandise was very popular with last minute shoppers.
Until 2015....  
    ...That's All Folks!