Saturday - September 26th, 2015

Fall-like weather has finally arrived in NJ and it made a big difference in making it feel like Fright Fest.  It also didn't hurt that at night time there was a cloudy sky and a near full moon.  Next weekend starts Friday night through Sunday operations which will be sure to make it seem like Halloween isn't too far away.  Christmas too if you look closely around the park!   Hope you enjoy the photos.

The demolition crew continues to chip away at the oversized concrete pool but little else of the aqua stadium remains.
A map which provides an overview of Holiday in the Park reveals the clever names that will be given to the open areas of the park.
The annual pumpkin man has arrived right on time! Queue extensions were put in place around the park for the oversized crowds. Batman is still backwards!
Killer ghouls entertained members of the media at a special get together this afternoon.
In addition to Christmas lights being installed, the Superman figure on the sign has been repainted. Beware of anyone or anything if their eyes glow red.  Just sayin'.