Friday - October 16th, 2015

After last Friday's heavy rains, tonight was simply wonderful with crisp autumn air.  Even though the sign outside the main gate said the "Park is Crowded Today" lines were very doable and it didn't seemed overly packed.

Here are some photos of the latest happenings around the park including Fright Fest, Holiday in the Park, and some general views thrown into the mix.

  The strings of lights now have bulbs.
New lighting fixtures have been installed on the lamp posts for projected images.  
Mama Flora has multi colored bulbs. Deer have been added by Air Jumbo.
Plenty of extension cords will be needed to light over a million lights. It is strange to see this view without the Aqua Stadium at the end of the path. Borders and tree stands have been added to the Old Country cut-thru which will be the Joy to the World section of Holiday in the Park.
  Future site of Total Mayhem!  
  The Demon District lasers look really cool.  
Blood Bath and Beyond turned the Ice Works' icicles into dripping blood!
  Quite a crowd waiting to get in at 9pm.