Saturday - October 31st, 2015

Happy Halloween everyone!  It is hard to believe that we have so quickly reached the end of Fright Fest.  We arrived at the park around 2PM and at the time the parking lot attendants were filling all the spaces on the left hand side of the parking lot entrance road.  It was strange to see the right side nearly void of cars so late in the day but by the time we left nearly all of those spots were filled too.  Even so, the crowds weren't nearly as bad as I had anticipated and it was a nice night to cap off Fright Fest. 

Here are some pictures from around the park including new parts which have arrived for Total Mayhem.  Normally, the end of Fright Fest wound means the end of rides until next April, but this year we still have a bonus weekend next Friday/Saturday/Sunday, Grape Adventure, and a whole Holiday in the Park event to take us into January.  So much fun awaits!

We couldn't have Six Flags Great America cheering on the Mets but not us!  
All the stadium debris has been removed. Rebar for Total Mayhem has arrived.   
Spared from destruction.       
  Eureka!  We struck we water!   
  Christmas trees have been added in tons of places. 
Different color lights for different buildings.
Wile E. Coyote has returned and looks great!   
Time for a name change?  Total Mayhem parts have arrived.   
Some Log Flume TLC!   
All the trees have been numbered!     
The Old Country path smells great.