Friday - November 6th, 2015

OK, I'll admit it.  When I first heard the park was going to be open the weekend after Fright Fest, I was really excited.  But when I heard they would be open on Friday too, I had serious doubts.  After all, how much business could they really expect on a weekday in November.  To my big surprise, the answer was PLENTY. 

Here are some photos from a very enjoyable and unique post-Fright Fest trip as the park transitions from Halloween to Christmas.  Having Great Adventure open so late in the calendar years surely brings new meaning to "the most wonderful time of the year"!

Part of the parking lot is fenced off, probably for Total Mayhem parts. All the mums are gone from the Bugs floral planter.  Might we see poinsettias?   
Pumpkin King out - new huge tree going in.
A limited amount of food stands and restaurants were open except around the fountain were everything was available.
The Six Flags Bus is out by the old Safari gate. An Adventure Alley tree is also being decorateed.
The lights on Fender Benders are in the process of being changed from red and white to multi-colored.
Skull Mountain was closed while lights were being installed around its exterior.
Another tree will soon go here.   Even Dark Knight has lights now.
Movie Town's tree replaced the Batmobile. The Backlot is being prepped for HITP.
  Batman The Ride is still backwards.  
North Pole residents have taken over King Pin Bowling. Slyride is done for the season.
The Carousel and Yum Yum Cafe are being decorated with massive garland with built in lights.
  Areas not being used for HITP have been fenced off.
    Flashpaass is being remodeled.
Holiday decore has stared to appear in the shops.