Sunday - November 8th, 2015

The last day of the "regular" operating season was fantastic and included excellent fall weather, a fun Grape Adventure wine event, and the chance to experience the Safari Off Road Adventure.

It is so nice to see the park being decorated for Holiday in the Park, bringing together two of my favorite things - Great Adventure and Christmas. 

Please enjoy these photos from our all day trip to the park on its closing day... at least for a couple of weeks!

The Six Flags bus is parked by the old Safari Exploration Station. The fenced off area of the parking lot is rather large.
  A tree grows at SFGA.  
  Work continues on Poinsettia Peak.  
    Still no lights on the lighthouse!
More Total Mayhem supports and parts.    
The line for shuttle out to the Safari Off Road Adventure loading station moved quickly and was well organized.
  Heading into the Safari!  
Look!  A baby giraffe!  
The Safari option of Grape Adventure included special wine tasting opportunities and giraffe feedings.
These two tigers were having a bit of a fight until the one on the right rolled on the ground belly up. Concrete debris from the removed Fort Independence was placed in the Safari to be added as roadbed. Here is a closer look of the Six Flags Bus.
Six Flags Grape Adventure keeps getting bigger and better!

Look closely up into the treetops in the outer mall area and you can still see strings of lights from Winter Lights!
New tree wells by the Big Wheel.
Window decor has started to appear.  
    ...but just for one weekend!