Saturday - September 17th, 2016

OK, so how is it Fright Fest time already?  Didn't we just walk through the gates in early spring and see the Joker coaster going up and wonder how they took down all those Christmas lights in the off season?  Well, it is hard to believe but Halloween-time is here again and this year the park has a mixed lineup of both new shows and familiar trails to rattle your nerves and get you into the pumpkin season mood.

Here are some photos from around the park today during the first weekend of Fright Fest 2016!

  Good size crowd at 3PM. 
    Going Going Gong! 
  The cubs are still together!   
  VR Coaster opens next weekend.   
    Goggle instructions! 
HUGE line for Road Runner Railway!  Hope to see the Barnstormers next year.  
  A new arrival from Voo Doo Island! 
  This year's new terror trail - Cell Block 6.   
Batman stunt show prop repurposed!     
Future site of Justice League ride.  Slash is SO much better than Hypnosteria! 
A new and refreshed Dead Man's Party takes place this year inside the Batman Stunt Arena.  Much better!