Saturday - October 22nd, 2016

It has been a little harder for me to get to the park this season so when I was able to schedule a trip over a month ago for an entire day at the park, I was really looking forward to it.  It was just my rotten luck that it also happen to be the day that the thermometer decided to dive about 20 degrees and the wind pick up with gusts of 40+ mph.  Regardless, we still had a great time especially since the lighter crowds in the daytime allowed us to visit the Safari Off Road Adventure twice given the shorter line.  By late afternoon the rain passed, the clouds began to part, and the masses invaded the park.  Here are some photos from Saturdays fun visit!

Christmas bulbs are popping up everywhere.
Who needs water rides! 
Even the kiddie rides are ready for long lines.  This is sign is a great idea.  Saves a trip!   
This was only my second Safari visit this year being most of my trips were later in the afternoon and at night.  It was so nice to see what I consider one of Great Adventure's greatest assets. 
Outback Steakhouse signs have been removed.   
  Some great themeing in the Best of the West. 
Two great Arrow rides still stand the test of time at Great Adventure! 
This is such a cool but rarely notices sign.  Ka's observation deck has been closed since 2005.   
Whole lotta of B&M track!  The park was prepared for the expected high winds. 
All the trees around the Parachutes have been wrapped with Christmas lights.
While Gargoyles are popping up inside Skull Mountain, Poinsettia  Peak lights are appearomg on the outside.  
Great new sign! 
  It is wonderful to see the Barnstormers back!   
  Even more B&M track and in such a small space.   
  Round 2 of SORA!   
It looks like someone sorted and stacked the animals when they were done playing with them!  Camp Aventura was closed because of the weather. 
See the bear?  He is hiding!   
  These guys should have bought Flash Passes! 
The Skeletones  offer a brand new entertaining show at the Bandstand in Bugs Bunny National Park.
Restoration work has begun on the Carousel!  Check out the three rehabbed panels compared to ones yet to be refurbished.  Sweet! 
This tree won't be getting many lights.  Late afternoon lines began to form. 
Just how big is GA?  Look where Nitro's far end turnaround is in the left photo and where Kingda Ka is on the photo next to it.  That is quite a distance!  They should put mittens on the hands during Holiday in the Park. 
  Chiller's queue line has been removed!   
    A HITP preview!