Saturday - November 4th, 2017

It's kind of hard to believe that just a few short years ago Great Adventure would spend the first weekend of November shuttered as it began its transformation into an off-season ghost town devoid of park guests and running rides.  Fast forward to today and it is clear to see that the craving for roller coasters and Six Flags can easily support staying open beyond Fright Fest.  Even without the draw of the popular Holiday in the Park event which has yet to start, people poured into the park, and not just the wine and food aficionados attending the popular Six Flags Grape Adventure event!

Here are some photos from all around the park as Fright Fest fades and Holiday in the Park starts to come together for its third season.  Enjoy!

  O Christmas Tree!  
  The rear columns of Yum Yum are finally having their garland installed!
  Fright Fest leftovers.  
$15 even for a single.  Can't beat that!    
    New fencing in Bugs Bunny National Park.
    If I had to guess, this stand will be replaced soon.
  Safari Off Road Adventure was open only for ticketed Grape Adventure guests. It was nice to see Bizarro and Runaway Train both open.
The arena food trailers are gone.    
Not sure of the origins of these floats.    
  The bar from Fright Fest has been packed up.  Maybe we will see it again!
  The games tree stand is in place.  
  Holiday decor awaits backstage.  
Not exactly sure what's going on here.    
Is it me or are these games getting bigger? The Rolling Thunder car is gone.  
  New decorations for the Metropolis area!  
It is strange that this has been painted.    
  I often complain this tree is too short but I guess it is as tall as SkyScreamer!  
Hydro Flume artifacts!  
  The last original five-light Dream Street lamp post has been reduced to three lights.  
    Last chance for pass processing.  Hurry!