Thursday - November 7th, 2019

Going to your local theme park on a weekday in November would have been something that was out of the question just a few short years ago.  However, with New Jersey schools closed for the annual teacher's convention, a visit to Great Adventure was something that quite a few people had on their calendars today. 

These interim weeks, post-Fright Fest and pre-Holiday in the Park, allow guests to see G.A. as they transition from their yearly Halloween to Christmas festivals.  We hope you enjoy these pictures from around the park as they deck the halls as well as prep the upcoming Jersey Devil Coaster site.

A big ENTER sign marks the entrance to the Joker. No sign of the "Joy to the World" area yet.
  It looks like Skull will be illuminated with spotlights again this year.  
  Jersey Devil Coaster coming soon!  
Only a power shed remains of what was once Looney Tunes Seaport.
Road Runner Railway sits in the maintenance yeard. That is a very bright pink!
The Wonder Woman area sports some new Christmas decor.
  Packing up the scary decorations... ...and installing a new light tunnel.
It will be interesting to see if this area is included in HITP in 2019. Bugs Bunny National Park will be part of this year's Holiday in the Park celebration with lights and decorations with a Mardi Gras color scheme.
Light sculptures in the Deck the Halls area of the park have already arrived.  
    Marley was dead as a doornail.