Saturday - September 12th, 2020

As far as ratings go, today's weather was a "10" and the larger size crowds at the parks seemed to confirm this.  Hurricane Harbor's attendance was very manageable but probably the highest I have seen for a post-Labor Day opening in quite some time.  The theme park's crowd was very healthy - a word rarely used in these days of COVID.  It was by far the highest attendance of all my visits this season.

I hope you enjoy these photos of both parks as Hurricane Harbor wraps up its 21st season and as the theme park prepares for the kickoff of Hallowfest next weekend.  

Entry to Hurricane Harbor is a breeze - quick and easy.
  The lazy river was closed but this allowed to the lifeguards to staff all the other attractions.
  Discovery Bay was open!  
Found him!    
    This reminded me of what was often found in theme park in 1974!
Look who left the fountain this year!   This water will soon be orange.
  Several new photo frames are offered in the stores.
    One of many trees that seem to have recently snapped.
    Log Flume work continues.
The Flashpass stand has relocated.  
The huge nutcrackers still haven't arrived.    
"Taz" has been removed from the ride and sign.    
The Jersey Devil Coaster sits quietly in the woods.
  The removed Looney Tunes Seaport rides sit alongside Jersey Devil track.
  Cyborg is still closed... ...but Justice League has reopend.
    Another couple of snapped trees.
The new Johnny Rockets is open.