Sunday - October 18th, 2020

Perfect fall weather meant a trip to the theme park today was in order.  With the ongoing precautions being taken because of the Covid-19 pandemic Fright Fest has been replaced this year with Hallowfest.  While many guests may not notice much of a change with the new event, long time fans will spot several differences.  While Hallowfest is a slightly smaller, scaled-down version of Frightfest, it does provide a similar lineup of experiences with several changes to distinguish the two events.  Fall fun is still the end result as guests have the opportunity to go on all their favorite rides and enjoy all the Halloween-themed extras. 

Here are some photos of the theme park during daylight hours before all the real ghoulish thrills begin.

Always wear a mask!    
No indoor terror mazes this season.    
  Beautiful kitties!
Looks like the Log Flume's turntable is in the process of being rehabbed.  This is the first year since '74 that the ride didn't open.
    Holiday in the Park preview!
Orange water!    
    The Kettle Corn stand has made a return.
Coca-Cola Freestyle is gone.
    Park is open until January 3rd, 2021!
  The red, white, and blue lights are new. Holiday in the Park will happen in 2020!