Sunday - November 7th, 2021

The first weekend of November is always a unique time at Great Adventure.  The madness and super-sized crowds of Fright Fest dies down while preparations for the upcoming Holiday in the Park events starts up.  The weather typically is more crisp and the anticipation of the holidays is in the air. 

It is the most wonderful time of year!  Here are some photos of everything happening around the park.

  Members seeking a new souvenir pin added to the crowd waiting to enter at 11AM.  
Jersey Devil apparel for adults and kids!   Christmas is coming but Halloween can still be found at the park.
  The last row of Harley Quinn is blocked off in the station although guests could still sit in the end car.  
Holidays colliding!    
As part of his year's Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience, the buildings from the four tents back towards Kingda Ka now have Christmas lights installed.
More colliding!
The Log Flume was OPEN!!!
This tree near the entrance to the Log Flume has to be one of largest trees still on property.
Lights have yet to be reinstalled on the Fort.    
Bizarro is in the process of being repainted.  Large portions of the ride have been stripped of peeling paint, in some cases exposing the original Medusa colors.  The new colors can be seen below and look great!  We will have to wait and see what theme comes with them!
El Toro didn't have much of a 2021 season.   New wooden siding on Kingdom Traders has replaced the weathered covering that looked awful.
  New lights have been added in Golden Kingdom.  
  Colliding once more!
    It's the details!  The white lights face "A Main Street Christmas" and the blue face "Polar Point"!
    Waterfalls in November!
  The second portal has been repainted and a new Jr.Thrillseekers sign added.  
  Lil' Devil Coaster thrills the junior thrill seekers and some adult ones too.  
For Holiday in the Park the Jersey Devil Coaster area will be know as Festive Fireside.  The section's lights will be a combination of orange, white, and red.
    The Aftermath terror trails seems to have been packed up (more so than normal).
  The Picnic Pavilion has been partially enclosed and repainted.