Thursday - November 10th, 2022

It use to be that the second week of November was an interesting time to visit the park as they transitioned from Fright Fest to Holiday in the Park.  This year it is really interesting - in addition to Halloween and Christmas decorations can also be found for Oktoberfest and Veterans Day!  If you like holidays and celebrations, this is the best weekend to visit!

Here are photos from all around the park.  Enjoy!

Patriotic décor is up all around the main entrance and fountain area for Veterans Weekend.
    A sign tells the military background of the park's truck fleet.
  Oktoberfest now runs through Sunday.
  Halloween, Oktoberfest, and Christmas decorations all in one!  
    Looks like Santa has a new home.
The Holiday in the Park sign now does not mention the drive-thru option. These ride-specific Christmas ornaments are nice but at $24.99 each you'll want to use your discount. Joy to the World has returned to the pathway to the Showcase Theatre.
Barnstormer appears to be in holding pattern once again.  At least the operator's booth pad has been added.  
Clear water once again!   Houdini is still closed.
  The entire left side of the park including Bugs Bunny National Park is closed. The Death Star is having its lights installed.
Six Flags Safari Collection!