Thursday - September 28th, 2023

After an extended amount of time between theme park visits due to an unusual summer, I finally had the opportunity to check out what was new and what has changed at Great Adventure.  It is hard to believe that Fright Fest is already half done and soon Holiday in the Park will be upon us.

Here are photos from all around the park.  Enjoy!

It was nice to see that the park tried to extend Harbor's season.  Too bad the weather wasn't better. The Patriots have been temporarily removed for Fright Fest decor.
With the construction of The Flash coaster for next year,  it looks like the Arboretum was short lived (at least at this location).
The refreshed Congo Rapids sign looks nice.  
What could possibly be taking so long to reopen the Barnatormer?
  Originally added in 1997 to promote the Six Flags Outlets, the Jackson Outlets advertising pillar has been removed.  
The Big Wheel is closed, at least for now.    
    Ah, there is the outlet pillar!
    New sign.
I hope the Log Flume gets a makeover that keeps it going for decades to come.
Unfortunately, it looks official - the parachutes are done.  :(