Autumn 1974

The  following is look back at what it was like to travel through the Safari Park during Great Adventure's opening season.  This retro trip report is a composite of the same family's journeys photographed on October 26 and November 9th of 1974.  Having only been open for four months, these pictures provide a wonderful snapshot of the Safari Park over 40 years ago.

Before entering the next section, cars were corralled into a fenced in pen with the roadway ahead blocked by a huge chain-link fence.  After a set number of cars were admitted into the coral, another gate behind the cars would roll shut and once closed the front gate would open.  This type of "lock" system would assure that the big cats ahead didn't get to interact with the more docile animals.
The lions were free to roam meaning it was extremely important guests remained in their cars with their windows closed. 
  Originally, Bengal tigers were housed in the section between the black and brown bears. 
    A second lion section was located in the area  which today is occupied by the animals of Australlia.
Panthers were located behind fencing in the pen just before the Siberian tigers area.  
The baboons were free to roam about their area and often hitchhiked a ride or two.