Sunday - July 28th, 1974

With Great Adventure open for only four weeks, the photos below capture a family's visit to both the Safari Park and the Enchanted Forest.  As is typical of most people's visits during the early years, the majority of their film was used photographing the Safari and the shows at the Aqua Spectacle shows.

Set your time machine dial for summer 1974... here are the pictures.

A future attraction in the making!  
Unlike later years, the monkey section of the Safari was loaded with trees during its initial seasons.
  Notice the slack in the Super Teepee's canvas?  That is what caused it to be destroyed during the park's first winter.  
The Carousel was beautiful in 1974.
Check out the designs on the Carousel's floor!  
There was always a full house for the diver and dolphin shows with several performances late into the evening.
    Check out the band's shirts!  Cool!