End of the 1974 Season

This Retro Trip Report is a real treat for anyone who loves seeing the park during its earliest days.  This rare set of photos was taken at the end of Great Adventure's very first season in 1974 when the park was in the process of packing things up in preparation for its first off-season.   Journey with us as we travel back in time more than four decades ago to see what the Enchanted Forest looked like after its first year of sharing great adventures.

The Dream Street Tents begin to take inventory of the remaining merchandise on hand after a busy premiere season.
The Carousel made it all the way through its first season without any type of fencing around the ride to prevent children from running up to the operating ride.  A simple plastic chain draped between the candy cane columns was the only barrier surrounding the ride.
The Yum Yum Palace was one of the most visited food facilities at the park with lines stretching out to Dream Street.
It was hoped that the rear ice cream scoops would have been put installed during the first off-season but that never happened.  The Happening stage would be the park's first attraction to retire, lasting only for the 1974 season. The Antique Cars were all parked bumper to bumper towards the front portion of the track where they remained all winter.
  The Ride-A-Rama children's rides finally had an opportunity to take a rest after a continuous workout from the park's smallest visitors.
For the winter the Happy Feeling petting zoo's residents were all moved over to pens within the Safari Park where they were cared for by the animal staff.  
The Fountain Cafe (today's Johnny Rockets) served its last guests. A bandstand located behind the Giant Wheel sat vacant having finished its shows for 1974.
The Pretty Monster swirled in the autumn sun probably providing a chilly ride for its riders. Eat! Eat! (today's Mama Flora's) near the Giant Wheel still had picnic box meals available.
The Big Fury was delivered late to the park and only operated a few weeks before the end of the season.
Bundled up guests watched the crazy Traffic Jam bumper car drivers. The Grand Prix had already shut for the year.
The Calypso and Super Round Up rides welcomed their final guests.
The heavily wooded layout of the Great Train Ride provided guests with a beautiful lakeside excursion through the colorful trees.
The Aqua Spectacle had performances up until the end of the season.
  Although the fixtures have been updated over the years the Aqua Spectacle restrooms looked practically the same in 1974.
The Tower of Pizza (today's Looney Tunes Camp Kitchen) was shuttered for the season.    
The shows were over at the Bandstand on the Lake.  
The Best of the West packed it in for the year.  Not only could the season's dinners smell the welcoming scents from an open flame barbeque but also the aroma from all of the building's freshly cut timber walls and roof.
The Shootout had retired until next year with all its rifles stored away backstage.  
The construction of the fort continued through the weeks after the park's grand opening.  Additional work would be done prior to the 1975 opener including the installation of the building's six canons.
    In the early years before being enclosed as a merchandise location, the area under the Runaway Train exit stairs was open air.
The Runaway Train was one of Great Adventure's signature attractions in 1974 and was always bustling with thrill seeking guests - quite a contrast to these photos.
The Runaway Train took guests to a secluded area of the park whizzing along the treetops.  Note that this area was off limits to guests back in 1974, long before the bridge across Lahaway River was constructed.
The Conestoga Wagon sported an incredibly detailed paint scheme when it opened in 1974.  Here the Wagon can be seen under wraps for its winter slumber until it welcomed guests once again in May of 1975.