Summer 1976

It is time to go "Retro" once again and today we are traveling back to the summer of 1976 as we join a family enjoying the park.

Thanks to Bob Gilinsky for the photos!

A large scale western productions was still offered at the Great Arena.  
  The sheer grandeur of the Super Tee Pee was always an impressive site.
Musical groups and a magician show were part of the 1976 entertainment lineup at the Bandstand on the Lake, today located in Bugs Bunny National Park.  
Fortune Festival, the predecessor of today's Boardwalk, was the park's central games area.  
The Flying Wave offered high speed flight back in 1976 compared to a much slower spinning experience in later years.
In 1976, the Big Fury was still the wildest coaster at the park.
The Fun Fair section of the park offered a wide variety of rides to flip and toss guests including the Matterhorn, Wild Rider (originally name Wild Flower), the Rotor, the Enterprise, and the Schwabinchen.
For a brief time the Dream Street Sky Ride station was painted bright orange. The darkness of night was illuminated with thousands of miniature lights found both on the buildings and almost all the rides.