Sunday - March 30, 1986

The year was 1986 and Great Adventure had just opened for an early Easter weekend at the end of March.  The season's newest attraction, the Ultra Twister, was a far ways from being ready to welcome its anxious riders but most of the park was already thrilling guests.

Here are some photos of a walk through of Great Adventure during Spring 1986!

Parachuter's Perch saw its cables replaced just three short seasons after being installed at Great Adventure.  The large concrete weights, which were attached to the three guide cables for each chute. are seen out of their pits.  Note the weathered cables.
Looney Tunes Land's entrance was marked by the large front net climb which made its way to two fiberglass tube slides.  The entrance is seen here without its colorful side canvas shade structures.
  The Ultra Twister's construction was well underway at the end of March but far from complete.  The ride wouldn't open until late June.
  The bridge spanning Lahaway Creek was added in 1986 when the addition of the Ultra Twister pushed the boundaries of the theme park.
The roof of the Best of the West received a major renovation in 1986.   Paddle boats were a popular option for guests wanting to relax and take it slow.
The lower Lightnin' Loop had a gold train.
  Still the newest ride in March 1986, the Looping Starship introduced during the previous season, was very popular.