Thursday - March 27, 1997

With site preparation for the Batman and Robin: The Chiller ride having started before the end of the 1996 season, it was a surprise to see so little of the new ride put in place on the 1997 season opener.  Given the size of the ride, it was evident that many months of construction were still ahead and the opening of the new coaster would not occur until late spring at the earliest.

Enjoy these photos from Opening Day which highlight many of the things which were "New for 1997."

Merchandise and refreshment stands were added to the Safari.  The old GASM loop top in the baboon section was repainted.
  Years later the ShockWave's entranceway was still in the park. 
  Equipment to play on was brought in for a Spring Breakout event. 
The lot near the Carousel was cleared for the upcoming installation of Dare Devil Dive. 
A canopy over the Enchanted Tea Cups was installed during the winter season.   
Centrifuge G-Force (Scrambler) and the Space Shuttle (Looping Starship) were relocated to the Boardwalk area to make way for Chiller. 
    Irrawady Riptide's station cover was in the process of being replaced. 
Views of both the Dare Devil Dive and Batman and Robin: The Chiller construction sites could be seen from atop the Big Wheel. 
Not much of the Chiller was installed by opening day 1997. 
The Time Warner Gift Boutique became the Justice League Headquarters in 1997.  The first pieces of the Chiller's inversion towers were put in place on the season opener. 
Much of the station was in place and the framework of the observatory was started. 
But there was still plenty of work to do on Batman and Robin:  The Chiller!