November 24, 1997

Shortly after the close of the 1997 season the following pictures were taken of the closed theme park.  Take a look at how much the park has changed since then.

Heading out from the backstage area the first stop was Movie Town, still home to Batman and Robin The Chiller, FreeFall, and the Movie Town Water Effect rides. Only open for a few days in 1997, the Chiller coaster's tracks were still brand new. The Chiller's queue and thematic props were practically untouched in 1997.
The Showcase Theatre sported a rather gaudy pinkish-purple color scheme. Bavarian Hat Works, and the rest of The Old Country section, made up a quaint section of the park.
Spinmeister's cars were removed as part of its annual off-season maintenance. The Main Street Fountain sat empty at the crossroad of Fantasy Forest. Main Street shops still had some Fright Fest cobwebs on them.
  Space Shuttle completed its first season next to the Great American Scream Machine.
    The First Aid building stands backstage.
  The Dream Street Tents area was totally void of people.  
  Much of the Mexican area was bright pink.  
Even in the off-season Viper looked painful!  
Oh, the Super Tepee!  Bring it back!    
Long before Bugs Bunny National Park the area looked like this.  
  What is a pay phone?  
After the 1997 season, Adventure Rivers only lasted one more year.
First Aid Station #2 was short-lived.    
Batman's trees are so much bigger now.   HBO - a Time Warner Company.
  And back to where we started!