Sunday - April 8, 2001

After a season which saw all its energies concentrated on getting Hurricane Harbor up and running, the focus was once again on the theme park for 2001.  Below are some photos from opening weekend 2001 including several early views of the newly opened Nitro coaster which changed the park's skyline forever.

Jump finally received some queue bars. The Boardwalk received a complete make over with new facades throughout the games square.  Additional games were also added leading to the Carousel ride.
The simulator building exit became home to season pass processing.    
Dry Gulch Shooting Gallery opened.
  Many of the old Bugs Bunny Land play features were closed or repurposed. 
  The ball crawl attraction started its transformation into the season pass entrance.
The Western Shoot Out was still boarded up after its days as Brutal Planet.   
Rainy day views from atop the Sky Ride! 
The Evolution was up and running.  The ride was both fun to ride and watch. 
  Having to be relocated for the construction of Nitro, the Fantasy Fling was being installed in the former spot of Spinnaker ride.
Nitro welcomed its first quests on opening weekend and has been a huge hit ever since.